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These definitions serve as good starting points for distinguishing between trees and shrubs, but, as with most things, there are exceptions.

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Erect leaves with scalloped margins on a long petiole in the center of an umbrella like leaf.The leaves are mostly on the square stems, where they are opposite.First-year rosettes are low, parsley-like and green until fall.Explore Em's board "Meadow Plants" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Plants, Grasses and Flora.

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This species must not be mistaken with others of similar sounding names such as wild garlic and hedge mustard.The basal rosette develops the first year, staying green until late fall and the flowering stem develops in the second year.Hedge hyssop is a bitter, pungent and diuretic herb that stimulates both the heart and uterus and has strong laxative properties.It is rich in ascorbic acid and hence is a good blood cleanser.

Its fruits are small and very persistent burrs that stick to clothing and animal fur.Description: Erect, winter annual weed with pinnately compound leaves and white flowers that grow in umbels.

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Annual - also known as Erect Hedge Parsley - Spreading (or Common) Hedge Parsley (T. arvenis) is very similar but it has one or no bracts at the base of each umbel while T.


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Parsley is an annual herb indigenous to the Mediterranean region, but now cultivated worldwide.Torilis japonica (erect hedgeparsley), Bee Flower Color: Blue-Green, Flower Color: White, Flower Type: Hermaphrodite, Height: 39 inches (1 m), Lifespan: Annual, Light.

Afia, bebero, berobero, coffeetree, geranium aralia, geranium-leaf aralia, Guilfoylei panax, hedge panax, kaope pa, kapaie, ndanindani, tagitagi, tanetane.The plant belongs to the same family as foxglove and has the same heart stimulating effect as both plants contain the toxic cardiac glycosides.

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Poison-hemlock is sometimes confused with western water hemlock, a more deadly species, because the names are similar.Top Edible Plants Top Medicinal Plants Garden Design Habitats Translations.

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Other Common Names: From various places around the Web, may not be correct. See below.

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As long as you follow the general definitions, though, you should be able to decide whether a plant is a tree or a shrub.Identification key to arable plants The following section is an identification key to the arable plants featured in this book, along with any species with which they may be confused.